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Ron Miles Tribute (June 7)

I'm reeling from the amazing experience that was the City Park Jazz tribute concert for Ron Miles the evening of Sunday, June 5th. Shane Endsley did a great job leading the band, and the tribute. It was awesome that Ron's longtime friend and collaborator, Rudy Royston, could make the trip back from the east coast for the occasion. Art Lande, the local legend, honored Ron so well with some words and an original piece in remembrance of Ron. Some of Ron's former students from Metro State played during the headlining band's intermission, and, I think, did Ron right proud.

The music and words in tribute to Ron were more than enough to leave feeling like my joy cup was full, but I was also happy to briefly discuss my hope of honoring Ron in this folk jazz project with Greg Garrison, Dave Devine, and Shane Endsley – all of whom I hope will join in on the recording.

Lastly, as you can see below, in a moment that could not have been scripted, it made me tear up (as I'm sure it did many others who knew Ron) to see a rainbow appear near the end of the concert. Ron's last album was entitled Rainbow Sign, and to have this sign appear left us in awe. Thank you Lord for Ron. As Shane said, "Ron Miles forever."

A wonderful sign.

— Jacob


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