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Giddyap (May 3)

In the woodshed, putting together music for the project.

I've gone to work on getting the music together for the project – transcribing, composing, arranging, listening, selecting, practicing. It's exciting to have the thing moving, on its way toward to being realized. I've begun discussing the recording project with family, friends, and colleagues. Speaking of which, I've got a couple musicians on board!

I revisited the concept with the major league bassist Greg Garrison – of Punch Brothers (Chris Thile) and Leftover Salmon and all-around fame – with whom I tossed the idea around originally about 12 year ago, and I'm so glad he's still keen about the project. And I'm so happy to have the phenomenal drummer, Paul Romaine, sign on for the recording. Paul has been such a big part of my musicianship, both in how he has provided so many contexts for my musical education and in how just listening and observing him has had such an immense impact on me. I'm thrilled to have these two on board and can't wait to get to playing the music together.

— Jacob


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